Coming Challenges: Drinking Water and Walking.

The coming month is all about drinking enough water and walking – both are challenges which are important far away from losing weight.

But first: A look back at February. There are good news! Here writes the 6 pound lighter version of me. It took only four weeks to get better results:

Progress since February

I have a new scale(*) and now the body fat seems a little bit more real for me:

All I did was to stop eating fast food and snacks and start to cocking. No sport, no calories counting, nothing else.

The first weeks were full of ambivalent emotions. 

On the one hand it was cheering: To rediscover my love for fresh food and cocking was wonderful. To eat without guilt and shame but instead with pleasure and satisfaction. 

It was a bit like the feeling of being in love. Great.

On the other side: I love the combination of fat with sugar or salt. And I could die for pasta, bread and cake. Without carbs everything feels goofy.

But carbs – especially white-flour-and-sugar-carbs – scare me: The first bite into bread triggers something in me, that want more. Much more. I am a frigging gremlin!

After a meal with heavy carbs I am hungry for more carbs for at least 24 hours. And I mean really hungry. Like a restless lion I roam around in the kitchen, look twice in every closet if there is something to satisfy me. No, I don’t want a frigging apple or stupid vegetables. I want „real“ food.

That’s is ridiculous. But I know the mechanism behind it. For my body, carbs are the easiest energy supplier to work with and my body (all bodies) tries almost to go the most easy way. 

My knowledge about it helps me a lot to tell my body to be patient: „You will get another portion of carbs, but not yet and not the white-flour-stuff.“

In the last month I ate one time over my limit. A lot of Pasta with gorgonzola and then also bread to dip in the rest of the sauce. It was delicious and I lay grunting and grinning of my couch. No guilt, it was worth every damn calories.

All other days I stoped eating after one portion. A few minutes later, when I was still hungry, I gave me another, but smaller portion, ’til I was satisfied.

It was important to listen to my body finally again, to help my stomach to shrink. After all, I was used to eat ‘til I was overeat and had the feeling I will burst.

It is not easy to stop, when the food is yummy. But I know: Tomorrow it will be yummy too, no need to get in panic.

By the way, yummy: I don’t like tasteless food. When I make a curry, then I need a lot of coconut oil and milk and some times peanut butter. I know some tricks and use them, but I don’t want to be stingy on good food. 

Luckily I don’t need a heavy breakfast or lunch, I am an evening eater. Through the day I like to drink two or three cups of coffee with milk and eat an apple or a banana. Sometimes I like to have a porridge or a small cup of cereals. So I have enough calories left in the evening to cook a rich meal. And there is always room for a little dessert. My favorite: Alpro Dark Chocolate (*).

In the night (I am a real owl) I allow myself some nibbles: A cup of popcorn, some ladyfingers or crackers or a fruit.

So, this was the last month. What is waiting for us in March?

I started at the middle of February to drink more water. I don’t count the bottles or have a minimum. I only listen to my body and – most of all – drink, whenever I am thirsty.

This often is a problem for me. I tend to ignore my body signs. I am feeling that I need something but when I am in a flow, I push aside this feelings. 

This has to stop.

While I made plans for the future I did research about drinking water. 

I was irritated to found out: There is no scientific evidence for the general advice to drink two liter water a day.  (My reference is unfortunatly in German: Wieviel müssen wir wirklich trinken?)

But there is also a hint to the simplest way to see if you – as a generally healthy one – drink enough or not: If you are thirsty, you need water. It’s that easy.

On the other side there are warning messages it would be possible to drink to much and die. Slowly, please. To overdrink with water needs a lot of circumstances and you have to drink a lot of water in a very little time.

So after research, it doesn’t mean anything to me. Thanks for nothing.

Like in thesis about nutrition there is lot of information to find and they are often enough inconsistent. I read a lot about and decide: if it feels right for me, I act accordingly.

What does this means for the next month and the water challenge? 

Currently I am by round about two liters (65 oz) and it feels good. I am quite often in the bathroom but I’m just getting used to it.

From March, the first, I will drink every day three liters (100 oz) of water (or unsweetened tea). Point. I have some bottle that fits 500 ml (17 oz) and so have to make six of them. They will be placed around in my flat (near the bed, the couch, the kitchen, etc.) so I am surrounded of water.


If you like the Design of my water challenge calendar, feel free to download this PDF.

Next Point on the agenda: Walking.

This point will become hard for me. I am a very lazy person and my dog is used to it. Most of the time my dearest is on a walk with her.

But this times are over. I have to move my butt.

“Your biggest bang comes from rolling off the couch and being active.”

Catrine Tudor-Locke

I found on (a great and free resource for incredibly many tutorials and workouts) a very challenging schedule called 30-Day-Walkaround. It’s start with measly 5,000 steps, but ends with a dreadful number of 16,000 steps. 


If you like the Design of my walking challenge calendar, feel free to download this PDF.

Normally in the fitness world they recommend 10,000 steps a day. This number alone is not easy to achieve. Not for a stay-at-home-mum without kids. But I like that the walkabout is not so static and changed every day. 

Since nearly two years I am completely without sport. I am a little bit afraid for the first steps and this unpleasant feeling to get not enough air to breathe, the hassle to feel my tighs rub against each other and hurts. When I walk more then normally I feel I look like an older, sweaty version of Tess Holliday on the runaway. Unfortunately I haven’t her beautiful face, only her movements.

Aside from that I tend to get back pain after a while walking in my current situation. I hope it will get better after a while.

By the way, do you know where this 10,000-steps-rule comes from?

Wait for my next videos, I will tell you the truth.

*If you buy this stuff, I will get a few coins as reward to show you the link. It doesn’t get more expensive for you.